AccuBar Customer Spotlight: iPad Inventory, “Outstanding” Results

AccuBar Customer Spotlight: iPad Inventory, “Outstanding” Results at The Three Clubs

3-clubs-logoIf you were an AccuBar customer running a cocktail lounge with two bars and a good volume of beverage sales, you might consider our default Intermec scanner as imperative for managing your beverage inventory. But Adam Blain went with AccuBar’s iPad/Bluetooth scanner option, and he couldn’t be happier.

Adam is the bar manager at The Three Clubs, a popular bar in Hollywood, Calif., that offers live music, theater, cabaret and burlesque and, above all, a good, stiff drink. He has found the AccuBar iPad option, equipped with a Bluetooth scanner, to be the perfect fit for his operation. “I initially used the smartphone app for inventory and receiving when we were first getting the system implemented. It works great, it’s just slower than the Bluetooth scanner I use now. Also, since you can only have the app registered to one device at a time, I needed a system that could be used on an in-house iPad if I happened to be away (taking my phone with me).”

Adam said he uses AccuBar “to take inventory and place orders every Tuesday, and I use it for receiving every Thursday. We don’t count empties, but I will use it on occasion to spot-check certain employees, nights or events.”

3-clubs-bartenderBut it’s after the inventory tracking is done that the power of AccuBar really kicks in, Adam said. “The POS that we interface with is Harbortouch, and it’s THE WHOLE REASON I wanted to implement AccuBar. There’s quite a bit of setup to do this, as it’s very important to map everything correctly and keep your mapping current and accurate; but once you do, the wealth of information at your fingertips is OUTSTANDING! AccuBar will give you everything you need to analyze your numbers, accurately calculate pour costs, determine where loss is happening, determine overall consumption, etc. I was told by other inventory system companies that didn’t interface that ‘It only works if you actually use it, and very few do.’Well if you have AccuBar, and if you’re able to interface with your POS and you’re NOT doing it, you’re only taking advantage of half of what the system can provide.”

Like many of our best users, Adam relies heavily on the Profit Watch report, which he called “the most important function that I look at. That report is what gives me the information I need on pour costs, loss, perpetual vs. actual inventory (consumption), etc. Once you accurately map your POS to inventory, and keep up on it, the PWR is an invaluable tool.”

Adam compthree-clubsared that result to their process before AccuBar. “It didn’t exist. We knew what we were spending every week, and we knew what we were making at the end of it, but there was no system in place to determine what was going where, what pricing needed to be, what we needed to push, etc. That’s why I took over management duties; to get that ship straightened out (well, more like to get that ship built).”Adam provided an example of how AccuBar helps him run a more profitable operation. “We thought we were LOSING money on draft beer when we added taps, due to a big increase in our beer spend without seeing an overall increase in revenue. I knew we couldn’t be LOSING money every time we poured a beer, so I used the Profit Watch report to dissect the issue. Turned out we were just selling it too low; even though beer sales more than doubled, people were buying beer over liquor (where the margins were better), and that’s why total revenue wasn’t increasing. We raised the price of draft beer to the same price as our well, which A) Incentivized customers to order cocktails instead of beer, and B) Lowered our pour cost on it to where we could make some money. I would have never been able to analyze the metrics of that and been able to accurately determine the source of loss without AccuBar and mapping it to our POS.”

Adam wrapped up with praise for the AccuBar support team. “They’re the best. Hands down. There’s a reason AccuBar is able to demand its ticket price, and as wonderful and comprehensive as the system is, it’s the people behind it that really make the difference. I have never had an issue getting a hold of anyone, they check in on me to make sure everything is going well, and I’ve gotten prompt answers to every question I’ve asked.”

For more information on AccuBar mobile beverage inventory management, please email or visit to request a demo.

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