Campbell Soup Company Case Study: Recipe Nutrition Saves Time and the Menu

Campbells soup logoCampbell Soup Company, one of the most recognized and established food brand companies around the globe, selected BirchStreet Recipe Management System to automate their nutrition and cost analysis, as well as to create a centralized recipe “bank” tied into their public-facing websites. Headquartered in Camden, N.J., with annual sales of more than $8 billion, the company has a portfolio of market-leading brands, including Campbell’s, Swanson, Pace, Prego, Pepperidge Farm, V8, Bolthouse Farms, Plum, Arnott’s, Kjeldsens, Dansk and Garden Fresh Gourmet.

Challenges for Campbell’s:

  • Campbell’s had antiquated database with limited functionality that stored approximately 6,000 recipes.
  • Recipe developers could not dynamically assess directional nutrition and cost before testing.
  • Nutritional data was error prone due to transfer from using a third party.
  • No dynamic way to manage recipe attributes to deliver relevant content to website, external customer system and consumer touch points for the Foodservice department.
  • Needed more professional appearing, user friendly recipe and menu reports for the Foodservice department.
  • Slow process to meet customer requests for basic information and for customized solutions for the Foodservice department.
  • Unrealized potential to share content and best practices between the businesses.

Vendor Selection:

Campbell’s wanted to use a “progressive” vendor that could develop enhancements as needed. “BirchStreet fit the requirements and understood what we wanted.” Campbell’s named the product Recipe Management Central or RMC.

What Changed Using RMC:

  • Recipe NutritionSolved all of its challenges with accurate, fast, user friendly recipe and menu data, which could be shared throughout the company in one central cloud based solution.
  • BirchStreet’s platform increased nutrients from 13 nutrients that are typically found on food labels to 50 tied into the US Food & Drug Administration for its nutritional values, allergens and intolerances.

Campbell’s reported that “we can’t put a cost on the value of having a single repository that houses taxonomy and nutrition, but we know that our current recipe management system is highly beneficial.”

  • With the system’s powerful reporting tools, Campbell’s is able to run multiple reports with real-time data.
  • RMC creates pack labeling for prepared product nutrition for certain soup products.
  • RMC serves as a global recipe management solution that can accommodate other languages, metric system and share content across regions.
  • The system and its data is connected to customer facing websites.


  • Over three years since implementation, Campbell’s reported that they were able to save nearly half a million dollars.

“Using BirchStreet, we now have flexibility and agility to operate better and faster.”

  • Their overall investment was paid off in 2 years.
  • As part of the cost reduction that was reported, Campbell’s saw a huge savings in nutrition calculations.
  • Campbell’s revealed tremendous savings due to the auto-calculation of nutrition for 3,000 recipes.
  • When ingredients changed in over 1,000 recipes, the automation in BirchStreet saved over 250 hours of work.

“BirchStreet saved us time and money, but using the system has also made us money.”

  • Taxonomy of ingredients went from 1 full year to make changes and upload, to a matter of several minutes after approval.
  • Gave Campbell’s the ability to accommodate customer requests and increase profitability. With quick results in the system, Campbell’s was able to deliver a very large order of 50,000 cases, representing 77% of the total projected volume the new products, which translates into large dollar numbers.
  • Within 2 weeks, 8 new “Souper Soup” recipes were developed, tested and approved showing an 11% sales bump in that portfolio vs. the base business.


Through its partnership with BirchStreet, Campbell Soup Company was able to implement a new Recipe Management system. The platform has greatly impacted Campbell’s operations by reducing costs and labor intensive processes, increasing efficiency, accessing accurate recipe costing and enabling the company to increase its sales. “BirchStreet fit the requirements and understood what we wanted.”

Campbell's Kitchen

Example of how connects with recipes stored in BirchStreet.

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