• AP Research Digs into Costs – BirchStreet Offers a Solution


    A recent research report by Ardent Partners, supply management experts, identified some crucial cost factors that are associated with Accounts Payable departments and their AP processing. Manual processes, especially related to purchasing, AP, inventory, recipes (F&B) and capital budgets, are inefficient and can be costly. Each year, more companies join the growing trend and decide […]

  • Looking Back at 2015 and Forward to 2016 for Procure-to-Pay Automation


    Looking Back at 2015 and Forward to 2016 for Procure-to-Pay Automation: This past year has been an exciting year for BirchStreet in regards to innovations and growth. Our mission at BirchStreet is to provide the best service and technology to our customers, so they can truly be more efficient and more profitable using our procure-to-pay […]

  • Streamlining Procurement During the Holidays


    Streamlining Procurement During the Holidays Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays! For many hospitality based businesses, including restaurants, managed food service, conference centers and hotels who are hosting banquets, parties and festivities, this is a busy time of year. Procure-to-Pay automation technology can ease operational and back-office increased workloads. Many of the larger hospitality enterprises have […]

  • Part 2: What value will my company gain by using Procure-to-Pay automation?


    In our last blog (link here), we discussed the most important value that a procure-to-pay (P2P) automated solution can provide a company is profit and efficiency. However, the other key benefits are visibility, compliance and control for back office operations and process improvements. BirchStreet has found that customers who adopt P2P automation find Visibility a […]

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