• Part I: P2P Stories from the Road

    Many of BirchStreet’s employees spend a lot of time on the road conducting sales presentations, meetings, implementations and trainings. This blog is the first in an ongoing series focused on encounters around the world from different perspectives and positions within BirchStreet. ******** Profile Employee: Andrew Length of time at BirchStreet: 2 years Title: Trainer   […]

  • BirchStreet Best Practices: How to Select the Best P2P System

    In previous posts I’ve discussed what constitutes a procure-to-pay (P2P) system, why it’s so important and the many benefits to be expected.  But how does a hotel or other entity go about selecting the best P2P system for their needs? When considering P2P, organizations must first assess their current processes, taking into consideration what works […]

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