• BirchStreet Launches Executive Dashboards and Data Management Services for the Hospitality and Gaming Industries


    BirchStreet Systems, the leading hospitality-focused cloud based procure-to-pay automation software, has unveiled its new Executive Dashboards features in conjunction with Data Management Services. The Executive Dashboards are composed of two data analytics, Business Intelligence driven tools: Spend Visibility and Compliance. BirchStreet also announced its Data Management Services (DMS) as a supplementary resource for customers that […]

  • Supply Chain Technology and Visibility


    In a recent report by The Aberdeen Group titled “Best-In-Class CSCO’s Target Procurement and Supply-Chain Functions For Improvement,” by Bryan Ball, VP and Group Director Supply Chain and Global Supply Management, it looks at how and why supply chain leaders look for ways to improve their competitive advantage. Supply chain leaders are challenged with an […]

  • Supply Chain Visibility


    In a recent study of Fortune 1000 companies, Gatepoint Research published “Trends in Supply Chain Visibility” where they conclude that supply chain visibility is limited for many businesses. Many companies are not satisfied with their current visibility, which is often a result of not having access to real-time data (only 14% of respondents have access […]

  • Case Study: Coastal Sunbelt Produce Shines with PO Automation


    Coastal Sunbelt is one of the largest distributor of produce and dairy in the Mid-Atlantic region. They supply produce to hundreds of customers in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Passionate about using organic, fresh and local produce from the best farms, Coastal Sunbelt has its heart in the right place. The […]

  • Current Trends in the Supply Chain: eInvoice

    BirchStreet works with thousands of suppliers and has witnessed the current trend that suppliers and their customers are switching to automating their payment and business processes. eInvoicing is among one of the top technology improvements that buyers and their suppliers are making to automate the A/P process. In a 2013 study by PayStream Advisors, research […]

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