• Quick Tip – Shortcuts for Dates

    The obvious approach to entering dates is to click the icon on the right and select a date from the calendar popup.  You can also just enter the date straight into the text box. But did you know there are several shortcuts… You can enter ‘t‘ for today’s date.  When you leave the field, the system will […]

  • Feature Discussion – Advanced Checkbook Drilldown

    Most of our customers are familiar with and use our standard Declining Checkbook solution.  This is one of our most popular features that automatically tracks your budget as you purchase.  First you upload your budgets and chart of accounts into the system.  Then you can set up rules to add GL accounts to your purchase order […]

  • BirchStreet Supplier Network

    We just added a new page to the website: Supplier Adoption FAQs.  Supplier Adoption is the process of adding new suppliers to the BirchStreet Supplier Network and onto the BirchStreet Procure-to-Pay platform.  It’s a service we provide as part of the implementation process. The Supplier Adoption cycle includes reaching out to the suppliers to provide an orientation, working with them […]

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