Customer Spotlight: Using AccuBar to promote best practices

Bianca Cappelluzzi, bar manager of Coppersmith in Boston, can name several areas in which AccuBar has helped their thriving restaurant, but the bottom line tells it all.

Bianca says Coppersmith has reduced their pouring cost by 5% since starting with AccuBar by “uncovering losses and [forcing] better accountability with the staff,” she said. The system really helped them uncover and minimize some sloppy practices. “When we would sell a cocktail using a promo bottle, the staff would always ring that in under Tito’s, our house vodka, so our report would always say we sold more Tito’s than we had in stock. Once we got the bartenders on the same page with how things were tracked with AccuBar and Micros, the service bartender instilled this on the servers. Anything that was rung incorrectly was not poured, and every drink that went over the bartop needed a ticket. Also we discovered the kitchen was using beer and wine to cook with that were not being rung in or accounted for. Once we all got on the same page, it was smooth sailing from there.”

Coppersmith makes its home in a converted copper fabrication warehouse that originally opened in 1894. The enormous space includes a dining room that features two food trucks that serve as an extension of the kitchen. The main bar seats 40 guests and is also accessible from the patio during the summer months. Coppersmith even parked an old Airstream trailer on the rooftop to act as another bar. “With a capacity of 475, we are always busy, especially on the weekends and during the hot summer months,” Bianca said.

“[AccuBar] is an absolutely amazing timesaver.”

Bianca does full inventories biweekly and partials in between for ordering purposes. “The scanner makes my partial inventories take less than two hours, which is an absolutely amazing timesaver,” she said. They also have their POS system interfaced to AccuBar and use the Profit Watch report “religiously to track missing product,” she added.

Bianca said the AccuBar support staff was “always super helpful” when she needed them. “Nothing but good experiences! Especially in the beginning, when we were learning.”

Their inventory process before AccuBar was “an Excel sheet, a paper, and a pen,” Bianca said. “As you can see, we’ve come a long way.”

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