Is your inventory system fully automated?

Is your inventory system fully automated?

The hospitality industry – including hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos and other venues – utilizes complex inventory systems due to multiple inventory items and outlets. Automating and integrating inventory has become a requirement rather than an option.

In today’s environment, when information is king and efficiency is gold, it is critical to fully integrate an inventory system to eProcurement, Recipe automation and POS systems. Free standing inventory systems, regardless of sophistication, simply cannot provide the valuation accuracy, ordering efficiency, and planned production functionality of a fully integrated solution.

do more with lessAutomating the inventory process results in increased profits and increase efficiency. Not only can you do more with less, you can make more money with less. A fully automated and integrated inventory system will increase profits by providing accurate business intelligence that will drive better decisions, provide accurate product prices to support better purchasing decisions, and provide cost control compliance. Efficiencies are gained by the reduction of hours to purchase (order), stock, receive and take inventory.

If your company is looking to automate its inventory, here are some services and functions to guide your research:

  1. Can the system accommodate direct and inventory purchases together?
  2. Does the system maintain accurate perpetual inventories for multiple storerooms?
  3. Does the system interface to a POS system in order to decrement inventory at the point of sale?
  4. Does the system separate recording receiving from actual receiving?
  5. Does the system provide accurate product pricing?
  6. Does the system offer multiple valuation options?
  7. Is the system able to charge the correct outlet or function GL code when products are sold?
  8. Is the system capable of utilizing planned production product distribution (for expense)?
  9. Does the system provide sufficient meaningful reporting used for analytics?
  10. Is the system connected to eProcurement for pricing and ordering?
  11. Can the system perform planned purchasing to automate replenishment?
  12. Does the system perform transfers at accurate costs?

Maximizing efficiency in your inventory process is just one of many ways that Procure-to-Pay automation systems can help improve your company’s bottom line and overall profit. Contact or call 949-567-7000 today to find out how BirchStreet’s comprehensive Procure-to-Pay platform and its Inventory Control module can help optimize your business today.

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