Software Automation Helps Sustainability Programs in Hospitality

One of the benefits of cloud based Procure-to-Pay technology is that automation transforms a paper trail to a paperless audit trail or eTrail. There is no longer a need to print out purchase orders (POs), drop it off at the approver’s desk, have them photocopy it, file it, then make copies of the invoice along with another copy of the approved invoice, then mail out payment using envelopes and stamps. Whew, what a tedious and expensive process! Procure-to-Pay automation means that everything is budgeted, created, tracked, approved and paid online.

hotel sustainabilityWhen we hear about sustainability programs in the hospitality industry, generally we think of reusing our towels and sheets as a guest. In fact, trends show that more guests want to stay at hotels that are “green” and even seek out sustainable travel in many different forms. But being environmentally friendly can also be improved in the back of the house with technology. Not only does automation reduce operational costs, but it also increases efficiency, compliance and control. When procure-to-pay solutions combine eProcurement and AP Automation with Inventory Control and Recipe Management Systems, food waste can also be reduced, also saving money.

BirchStreet came across a website called Green Hotelier that focuses on being a source of global green hotel and sustainable destination news, green hotel case studies, how-to and advice. They have awarded numerous hospitality industry leaders for their practices, many of whom are BirchStreet customers, including worldwide enterprises such as Hyatt, Hilton, Fairmont, Four Seasons and Marriott. BirchStreet commends all of its customers dedicated to sustainability and is glad to be able to provide a service that aligns with helping the world become a better place.

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