• Secure Virtual Payments using P2P


    Join us for a live webinar on “Secure Virtual Payments using P2P” presented by BirchStreet and CSI globalVCard. On Thursday, February 25th at 11 am PST/ 2 pm EST we will present a short 30 minute, educational webinar on how companies can use virtual payments as part of their comprehensive procure-to-pay automation solution. CSI globalVCard’s […]

  • Supply Chain Visibility


    In a recent study of Fortune 1000 companies, Gatepoint Research published “Trends in Supply Chain Visibility” where they conclude that supply chain visibility is limited for many businesses. Many companies are not satisfied with their current visibility, which is often a result of not having access to real-time data (only 14% of respondents have access […]

  • Top 6 Reasons to Use eProcurement in 2016


    What is eProcurement or Procure-to-Pay software? An easy answer is that it is a cloud based marketplace where companies can connect with suppliers and their catalogs online, create purchase orders with approval routings, track and manage items and budgets. The system can include connecting to Accounts Payables for invoice matching, as wells as managing inventory, […]

  • How the Hospitality Industry Can Prepare for the Next Economic Cycle


    As a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, I’ve seen the economy blossom, fall, stabilize and repeat the pattern. Looking back at 2015, we saw a prosperous year of growth. To support that growth, we expand and hire more people, while in the downturns, we are all forced to do more […]

  • Looking Back at 2015 and Forward to 2016 for Procure-to-Pay Automation


    Looking Back at 2015 and Forward to 2016 for Procure-to-Pay Automation: This past year has been an exciting year for BirchStreet in regards to innovations and growth. Our mission at BirchStreet is to provide the best service and technology to our customers, so they can truly be more efficient and more profitable using our procure-to-pay […]

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