• Be the Hero: Why Automating Your AP System Will Drive Savings


    Despite that many humans are creatures of habit and may have accepted that manual processes are “fine,” the reality is that automating AP and back-office processes can save companies potentially thousands to millions of dollars. In a recent report by PayStream Advisors, Pitching ROI for Accounts Payable, they surveyed over 300 back-office employees, who reported […]

  • BirchStreet Launches Executive Dashboards and Data Management Services for the Hospitality and Gaming Industries


    BirchStreet Systems, the leading hospitality-focused cloud based procure-to-pay automation software, has unveiled its new Executive Dashboards features in conjunction with Data Management Services. The Executive Dashboards are composed of two data analytics, Business Intelligence driven tools: Spend Visibility and Compliance. BirchStreet also announced its Data Management Services (DMS) as a supplementary resource for customers that […]

  • Procure-to-Pay ROI: What could yours be?


    Investing in back-office business process improvements is now at the “top of mind” for many executives, especially CFOs. Calculating the Return on investment (ROI) for software is different for every company, due to the uniqueness and specific business rules to each property. After 13 years of serving the hospitality industry with over 7,000 contracted customers, […]

  • The ROI of eInvoicing

    The hospitality industry is seeing a trend that multi-unit operators or management companies are expanding automation of the AP process. BirchStreet focuses on the entire procure-to-pay automation process, but within this process, automating invoicing (eInvoicing) is rapidly changing and growing. The main reasons for companies to automate invoicing stem from the need to save money […]

  • Building Strategy Through Procure-to-Pay Processes

    In today’s modern age of technology, automating procurement and procure-to-pay (P2P) processes are considered a strategic move for almost all mid- to large-size companies. It is more than simply automating manual processes, such as faxing a purchase order to a supplier. P2P processes offer complete connectivity and real-time pricing with suppliers on all of their […]

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